12 Mar

Dearest Readers,

You have been with me for many a week. So it’s time to do a lil’ synthesizing. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: We’re putting all of the exercises together to create a full workout!!! (try to contain your squeals of childish joy). I won’t be providing explanations, because they are in my past posts, so if you are confused …. look to my links for further instruction!

Cardio: Every workout should start with a bit o’ cardio. I didn’t really discuss it in my blog, so I would suggest either running a mile or two outside or if it’s bad out, run the stairs of your dorm. For at least 10 minutes.

Legs: Not that you have them warmed up, let’s do some leg-action.

Lunges (up and down the hall…everybody will love you for it for sure)

booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere

Calf Raises (20 straight forward, 20 with toes pointed out, 20 with toes pointed in)

I'm raisin' those calves

Squats (25 in place) (this also works your hiney)

booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere

Arms: Now that we have conquered the legs. Lets work the overall arms, biceps, and triceps.

Pec Flys (Do 15 reps … then do them again)

Pec flyin'

Regular curls (15 reps) …. then do regular curls with your arms slightly out (15 reps)

regular curls (with a face of intensity)

Handshake curls (15 reps)

Straight up curling

NOW, do all of the bicep exercises again. Moving on to triceps.

Classic Tricep (20 reps)

The classic tri-ness

Kickbacks (15 reps)

Let's kick it back!

NOW, do all of the tricep exercises again.

Abs: The best of it (and the worst of it). Let’s do this. I have a million ab workouts on here (okay not a million but at least 4)…we’ll start with the whole Series of 5 (remember to keep your head and shoulders off the ground for this) move to the lower and upper abs, then obliques, and end with planks.

Single leg stretch (8-10)


Double leg stretch (8-10)


Single straight leg stretch (8-10)


Double straight leg stretch (8-10)


Criss Cross/Bicycles (8-10 sets)


Now classic ab stuff.

Lever Crunches (15-20)

lever crunching (look how happy I am!)

Reverse Crunches (15-20)

reverse crunching

Then a little bit of oblique. Rows (15-20)

row-ing on the river (look at that face of's totes genuine)

Then end with the planks. Regular plank (hold for one minute)

plank (my back is not as straight as it should be)

Side plank (hold for 30 seconds per side…push it, you’re almost done!)

Side planks (Yayzzzz)

YOU’RE DONE…..YOU’VE JUST BEEN JESSIE-ED (I’m sure this phrase will soon catch on, and all of the cool kids will be saying it.)

Thanks so much for reading my bloggy this quarter (special thanks goes out to my mom for all of her help and comments…she is the best!) and thanks to Thread for letting me write it …please leave some comments….has this blog helped? have you done any of these exercises? I love you all!


The Toned Toothpick Teacher (T3….for the last time)



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