Back Back Back it Up: Best Back Workouts

9 Mar

Dearest Readers,

So we’ve spent oodles of time on the abs, but what about the back. It is so unloved. Often times when we work the front we forget to work the back … which is silly, because it’s necessary to strike a balance. It is critical to how you hold yourself and your overall core strength.

Lower Back Lifts: Lay on the ground, stomach down, and put your hands behind your head. Lift the upper half of your body (your shoulders, neck and head) off the ground, almost like your crunching but with the back of your head, and lower it back down. Make sure you are not straining your neck with these, use your back. Do about 20 of these.

lower back lift

Swimming: Laying stomach-down again, stick your arms straight out in front of you  and have your feet shoulder width apart. Start slowly. Lift your right arm and your left leg. Then lift your left arm and right leg. When you lift make sure that you are not only lifting but also pulling both forward and backward with your legs and arms. Start to speed this up, so that you no longer touch the ground as you alternate (keep your arms and legs a few inces from the ground at all times), so that eventually you look like you are awkwardly swimming across the floor. Try to sustain for one minute at a high speed.

right arm left leg

left arm right leg


Tabletop: I made this name up totally, because I have no idea what this exercise is called. Bring yourself up on your arms and knees (so that your back is like a tabletop….get it? heh? heh?). Make sure your back is flat not curving up or down. Now lift up your right arm and left leg so that they are both parallel to the ground. Again, be sure that you are pulling yourself in both directions as well as lifting. Hold this side for 30 seconds. Then do your left arm and right leg. To add a challenge, add a crunch element (working the abs at the same time? bonus!). Instead of just lowering your opposite hand/leg combo bring your elbow and knee into meet each other (make sure you are using your abs here) and then don’t set them down bring them back out so they parallel to the floor again. Do 20 of these crunches on both sides.

left arm right leg

right arm left leg

crunching in

Now you are like a properly made pancake: hot on both sides (get it … you’re hot because you’re working out? tee hee…). I only have one more blog post left (i think), which is so sad 😦 I am going to do the ultimate T3 workout (aka all of my favorite exercises from all the past posts in one to create the ultimate workout). So post a comment with your favorite workout, and I will include it in my final post!

Thanks for sticking with me readers, and look for my post this Friday!! Woot Woot.


the Toned Toothpick Teacher (T3)


2 Responses to “Back Back Back it Up: Best Back Workouts”

  1. Tami March 9, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

    All of the core variations are great and by holding for a certain amount of time you can gradually show improvement by a few seconds each day. By building a strong core you will provide a great foundation for the rest of your workout!


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