Moving to the Music: T3’s workout playlist

2 Mar

Dearest Readers,

So you’ve been with me for all of these exercise workouts, so let’s take a little musical interlude. Because exercise is really no good without a quality playlist. Sometimes you just need a little musical motivation to amp up your workout. Not to mention, my roommate and I enjoy pumping up our jams and dancing around the room, so that’s a cardio option. But most of all when I am running and lifting, I love listening to high energy music (certain bpm’s are better to workout to than others). Just to be clear these are not all quality songs (and they aren’t my favorite songs of all time by far), but they inspire me to shake my lil’ hiney. So here is my workout playlist (and a fun picture):

this was just a really cool flickr picture (source:

1) Girlfriend–Avril Lavigne: This has been my running song since age 14. It cracks me up. I sooo connect with her lyrics…because hell yes I am the mo fo princess thank you Avril for your insight. Overall, the song has a really great beat that makes it a natural workout jam.

2) Seven Deadly Sins–Flogging Molly: This crazy Irish band just makes you want to move. If you are not motivated before listening to them, you never will be. Sometimes, it’s actually a bit too fast to run too … it doesn’t have the most consistant beat.

3) Dog Days Are Over–Florence and the Machine: This is currently my roommate and I’s fave song to dance to right now. This is my favorite song to wake up to really. The chorus is the best to run to and to sing in my head.

4) I Got You (I Feel Good)–James Brown: Classic. First of all, if you don’t love this song (and James Brown in general), you are just wrong. This one is hard not to sing aloud while running. Try to restrain yourself…a bit.

5) Shut The Club Down–Girl Talk: Girl Talk is an amazing mash-up artist, and his albums are meant to be listened to as one giant song. More often than not if you see me running at Ping or outside, I am listening to a Girl Talk album. Some songs are slower, but especially on his album Feed The Albums, the majority of the songs are fast-ish.

6) Stuck Like Glue–Sugarland: Technically this is a country song (so if you’re a hater just move on to the next tune). But I like this song because it has a such a strong bass and uses weird sound effects (it makes me giggle as I run).

7) Tik Tok–Ke$ha: Curse you Ke$ha for your catchy lyrics and solid beat! I really don’t want to like Ke$ha (since I don’t have an affinity for drunken crazies all days of the week), but I concede that her music is perfect for workouts.

8) Potential Breakup Song–Aly & AJ: This is a serious throwback to the days when Disney was just starting to force all of their stars to not only act but sing, dance and breath fire. This song is so well-written (for someone who has just learned the english language), and is one of my favorites to run to.

9) Love and Memories–OAR: I am a bit biased on this song, because it is my senior song so it takes me back to times where I was twirling in delicate tulle at prom … sigh. But seriously, it’s fab for pumping it up. It really makes me want to fist pump.

10) Runaway–Cartel: I don’t think this is a particularly popular band, but most of their songs are great for workouts, because they have a consistently strong bass (I always like the song Lose It).

11) Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)–Beyonce: Gets me every time. I get that cliche…”yeah I’m a strong woman who’s working out motivation” from this song.

12) Love Like Woe–The Ready Set: I once had to borrow my younger brother’s i-pod when I went to the gym, and it was broken so it literally only played this song on repeat for an hour. The song and I became very close, and are now frequent gym buddies.

13) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da–The Beatles: How can you not giggle to this song (life goes on…BRAH). It’s just a light, fluffy, nonsensical song.

14) I’m Shakin’–Rooney: Of all the songs, I have no idea why I really like to run to this, but it’s been on my list for a few years. I don’t know why (though I did see them live once….when they opened for Kelly Clarkson…yes, that does mean I saw Kelly Clarkson…judge as you will)

15) I Believe In Thing Called Love–The Darkness: This one just makes my head bob. I just want to whip my hair back and forth (which could also actually be a fine running song in-it-of-itself).

If I had to analyze this song list, I do not know what it would say about me (I probably wouldn’t want to). But hopefully one of these can become a part of your workout routine. Leave a comment with your favorite workout song, because I don’t have enough. I keep listening to the same ones!! Hit me up!!


The Toned Toothpick Teacher (T3)


One Response to “Moving to the Music: T3’s workout playlist”

  1. Jonathan@GymDJ March 2, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    Nice list. I get tired of hearing Ke$ha but she does have great music for the gym. And I believe in a thing called love is just an awesome song all around. Thanks for posting.

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