Pecs, Delts, Lats: Working All Arm-Related Abbrevs

9 Feb

Dearest Readers,

The arm is a complex beast. We have worked the triceps and biceps (which many people recognize from the arm). However, there is so much more arm to love (and work). The pectoral muscles (the chest muscles), the deltoids (the shoulder muscles), and the lat muscles (located in the middle of your back but exercised using your arms). My fabulous roommate is a member of the crew team and helped me compose these exercises. I apologize for my ensemble in these shots….I had just participated in the ALD Date Auction (and yes, I am wearing tights with my gym shorts….i tried taking these pictures in a dress….which didn’t work out).

The Lawnmower: Pull out a chair and bend over so your back is parallel to the ground (and keep it flat). Extend your arm out straight and pull your arm up so your hand touches your stomach. Do 12 reps on each side.

lawmowin' it up

The Pec Fly: Have your arms up at 90 degree angles, move in and out to the sides (not past your shoulders and keep your arms at 90 degrees). Fly like a bird peeps! 15 reps on each side.

Pec Flyin' Out

Pec Flyin' In

Delt Raises: Abandon the tide ladies and gentlemen and pick up a book (I used my Business Law textbook…it was too light…and it’s ver ver large). Extend your arms all the way down and lift up so the top half of your arms are parallel to the ground. It’s like the bend and snap, but without the bending. 20 reps, because it’s both arms at once.


And Snap!

Now do all of these again!!! Yay!! Important to remember: when exercising your arms work the whole arms first than work your biceps and triceps. If your biceps and triceps are tired, you will overexert the rest of your arms. So do these fab exercises first!

Comment with your fave arm exercises!


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