SUPER BOWL SUNDAY: the halftime workout

6 Feb

Dearest Readers,

As a native Pittsburgh girl today is a national holiday (I have my Polamalu jersey on and my terrible towel in my back pocket). In my home town last night, it’s like the little Super Bowl santa came, and bedecked the ‘burgh in black and gold (with hopes that the seventh superbowl ring soon would be there). So you are thinking that today is a day to slack off from being healthy: tortilla chips and cheese dip and salsa, oh my! (Not to mention the copious amounts of sugar-coated soda you will be drinking). There are small workouts to be done during the game: take a lap when we get a touchdown (don’t miss the field goal), fist pump when we get a first down (obviously a kickin arm workout), etc….but these seemed a little lame. So I did a little research, and found a whole slew of free workout videos made to be done during half time!! Hahahah, I was so amused by all of these workouts that I decided instead of posting my workouts today I would share with you the workouts of others (including some regular free workout videos that aren’t related to the big day). So whether you’re watching the super bowl or not (travesty!) there is a workout for you!

Super Bowl Workout: The below video was the best workout I found that is super bowl related. The guy is really spastic-y but his moves are good and require no equipment. (This is actually a video from 2 superbowls ago…but you get the idea):

Pilates: Pilates is the best ab workout I’ve ever done. This woman Bonnie is a champion. She has tons a free workout videos on youtube. I just included her most popular here.

Zumba: “Ditch the workout. Join the party.” That is Zumba’s actual catch phrase. This fast paced cardio workout is based around dancing. It’s great, and if you are uncoordinated like me, it will provide a lot of amusement when you attend zumba class with your friends. This basic basic basic video breaks down three moves to give you a taste of zumba.

Basic Indoor Workouts: There is so much out there workout wise if you only search for it on youtube. This was the best I found by typing in “workout at home.” Free Free Free!!

Overall, these workouts demonstrate how much is out there from the helpful people who post on the internet. Post in the comments section your favorite free workouts (look for podcasts too!). With these fab workouts, Super Bowl sunday will be a win for the Steelers and for your body!

Troy-ily Yours,

The Toned Toothpick Teacher


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