Tricep Time

31 Jan

Dearest Readers,

So biceps, we own that. But Triceps are this secret place that needs a little…well special attention. Let me introduce you to the bingo wings: the flabby skin under your arm which flaps around (in a very awful fashion) when you throw your hands in the air. For girls, they are almost an inevitability….unless regiments begin now. (consider yourself warned)

Overall, the triceps are weaker than the biceps, so a smaller weight (if you use 8 lb for biceps go for 5 lb for triceps) should be used. Here are my favorite tricep workouts:

The classic: Put you arms straight up over your head with a weight between your hands (since you are working both arms at once…try a heavier weight for this) and your elbows in close to your head. Lower ONLY the lower half of your arms down, then bring them back up. Don’t move the top part of your arms, aka your elbow to your shoulder, because then you aren’t working your triceps anymore! And keep your elbows in close to your head.Do 12 reps.



This is pretty difficult to do with tide. if you have a weight, it’s a lot nicer.

Tricep Kickbacks: These are really effective if done correctly. Start by stepping out (in an almost lunge like position) with your left leg….this means you work your right arm (always the opposite). Tilt slightly forward (but don’t curve your back) keep your elbow at your side at a 90 degree angle and then extend your arm back. Again, only move the bottom half of your arm. THE SECRET: the part that really works the tricep is when you extend your arm, extend it a little further than you think you can. That’s when you really hit the muscle at work! Don’t let yourself be lazy and use momentum, control the forward and backward motion. Do 12 reps on both sides (and be sure to change legs too)



Please note in that second image that the tide bottle is in motion…holding my arm in that position for the 3 seconds before the picture takes = massive pain.

Dips: The dreaded dips of doom is their proper name. It is hard to capture this in pictures, so I apologize in advanced here. Find a stable place (that can hold your weight without moving backwards or forewords) that is at a height of approximately half yours or less. (at the gym I use those benches where you lay down to do shoulder presses). I chose my bed frame (it’s a little higher than I would have liked). The dip is exactly as it sounds, you put your arms at 90 degree angles behind you with your fingers facing forward. Put your legs together out in front of you (I always cross my legs at the ankles for some reason) and lower your butt into a seated position (you’re dipping….get it…heh heh). Then lift back up. TIP: the farther your legs are away from you the harder the dip and the harder you are working it. Do 15 of these (and then proceed to cry as your arms scream in retaliation).

side view



Now that you have done each of those exercises one time…..DO THEM ALL AGAIN!! I know, you are so excited you are jumping up and down! However if you want a real challenge in your workout try the following….

The Pilates Pushup (aka the Tricep pushup): The devil must have invented this. It’s like doing a normal push up (I hope you all know how to do that….keep your body in a straight line at all times…you can be on your knees or toes). Except this time, you tuck your elbows by your side and do push ups with your triceps only. Do as many as you can before you feel impending doom.

in the midst of a death-like activity

Please look at this picture, and see how I am trying to smile (it’s a cringe). The things I do for my loyal readers…..

I hope that all of these exercises have helped! Please remember to breath through all of these exercises…I know it sounds silly but with weights you sometimes forget to focus on your breathing. Please comment and tell me your fave tricep move!

Coming up: Super Shoulders, A Reason To Sleep, and Motivational Music!!


The Toned Toothpick Teacher (T3)


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