Bangin’ Biceps

25 Jan

Dearest Readers,

Welcome to the gun show (insert people flexing their beautiful biceps here). Biceps are the muscles in our arms that we can really show off. Biceps are the arm muscles that make us look like we have arm muscles!

Here’s the key to baller biceps: you can probably curl more than you think, because your biceps are stronger than you think. (Girls are more guilty of this than boys.) In most of my exercise classes I grab the 5 lb or 6 lb weights, because that is all that my poor little triceps can take, but I recently discovered my biceps can curl 10 lbs!!! (And you saw my arm muscles, so if I can do it anyone can use more than they think.)

The critical thing to remember with arms is that you need to do a lot of reps. Guys work to gain muscle mass by doing like 5 reps with impossible weights, but to actually build tone, you need to do 12 reps of each of the following three exercises, then you need to do all three again! (It’s like the workout has a repeat sign.)

First, off you don’t need to own weights to curl. You just need to do your laundry. How are these two related you ask? Well, your laundry detergent is perfect for curls. My Tide weighs exactly 7 lbs, which is pretty perfect. (Side note: because I know I can curl more, I just add more reps to the workout … so if your detergent is too heavy or too light add or subtract reps accordingly.)

Me and my tide aka my bicep bff

To start off, do conventional curls. That means the back or your hands are facing the floor  (like you are about to get a low five), and start with your arms straight down to the floor and take them up to your shoulders. Do 12 reps with each hand.

Normal Curls

Your bicep has multiple parts, so next you should do curls with your arms a little out to the sides. (Still start with your arms fully extended and curl to your shoulders, but keep your arms out to the sides) Do 12 reps with each hand.

Out to the side curls

Finally, do curls with your hands out like they are going to give a handshake. This is yet another part of your bicep, but you still do a normal curl. Do 12 reps with each hand.

Handshake curls

Now that you’ve done all of these exercises once, do them all again (that’s right, you heard me). It’s easy to forget to breathe while you are curling. Exhale as you bring your arms up, inhale as you take them down. (if you want an extra challenge, try holding your arms at a 90 degree angle….in normal curl form….and wiggle your fingers….hold it for 30 seconds or a minute). You can also do curls from full extension to 90 degrees instead of all the way up to your shoulders, or start the curl from 90 degrees and curl to your shoulders. They all work the bicep differently. Another important thing to keep in mind, is you should only specifically work your biceps every other day. Weights are weird like that.

Leave comments with more bicep specific workouts!!!

Coming up: triceps time, super shoulders, and motivational music (Please take a moment to appreciate my alliteration there).

Biceppingly Yours,

The Toned Toothpick Teacher (T3)


4 Responses to “Bangin’ Biceps”

  1. Janet January 25, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

    What do we do if detergent is too light after a while.

  2. jesscadle January 26, 2011 at 4:05 am #

    Good question janet! You can either do more and more reps (even though it doesn’t feel like it’s working it is) or you can use something other than laundry detergent (when you get down to like 1 lb) such as: a gallon of milk or a coffee tin. Weights are also not very pricey at walmart (I would suggest buying 6 pounders to start off). Hope that helps!
    much love,

  3. Tami January 27, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    If you don’t have a weight of some sort, you can use a resistance band or some type of bungee cord held the same way as the weights but stand on the cord for stability. The band should be about 2-3 feet long.
    Keep up the good advice!


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